There are many techniques for decorating, and we hope you will be inspired by all of our ideas. What do you think about decoupage or mosaic on candle holders, porcelain painting on mugs or making a collage?

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  1. Inspiration: v16162 Spring figures with watercolour look
    Lav figurer malet med akvarel. Brug enkel akvarelteknik på træet, så det giver abstrakte cirkler. Tegn med akvarel-tusch på fugtigt træ. Spray med vand efter dekoration, da det får farverne til at vandre. Tør figurerne og tegn cirkler og prikker med Plus Color Tusch.
  2. Inspiration: v16587 Glass mosaic tiles on a box
  3. Inspiration: v16229 A bright idea
  4. Inspiration: v16439 Shoe sculptures
  5. Inspiration: v16160 Folding shopping bag
  6. Inspiration: v16146 Upcycle and reuse jam jars
  7. Inspiration: v16182 Cake tins made from boxes
  8. Inspiration: v16135 Fabric printing with do it yourself stamps
    Make your own stamps from foam rubber and stamp designs onto a cushion cover using craft paint and Textile Medium.
  9. Inspiration: v16202 Ceramics with bubble technique
  10. Inspiration: v16197 Lovely shopping bags decorated with pastel dye sticks
    Children can decorate these shopping bags beautifully with simple shapes, such as squares, triangles and circles. The combination of fabric paint and pastel dye sticks provides a lovely result and the children get a chance to work with different techniques. Find inspiration here!
  11. Inspiration: v16207 A box with a personalized lid
  12. Inspiration: v16152 Upcycling fabric with prints
  13. Inspiration: v16142 Boxes with fabric decoupage
  14. Inspiration: v16195 Adorable salt & pepper sets decorated with owls
    Aren't these small owls for salt and pepper just lovely? Use your imagination for decorating your own amusing owls with glass & porcelain markers. A really lovely and useful gift idea that will make the recipient delighted! Twit twooo ...
  15. Inspiration: v16178 Cakes from boxes
  16. Inspiration: v16188 Tea towels with fruit designs

Items 1-36 of 65

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