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The lovely people at Creativ Company strive to be your preferred craft store when you shop online. Therefore, we want to know on this website you feel like you are getting all the help you need. We have tried to segment our products in a way so that you can find the creative materials and products you need for your hobby.

When you seek products for your projects

On our website you can easily search in the selection with specific product numbers if you already know them. If not you will find our products divided into categories that also provide options for sorting for eg -color and brands. But should you require additional assistance then you are always welcome to contact our customer service who are available Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm via phone or email.

What separates us from the rest?

To have a hobby is an expression of excess, it is a mantra for us in more than one sense. As a company we take our social responsibility incredibly seriously. That which in finer words is called CSR (Corporate social responsibility). Up to 15% here at Creativ Company are hired on considered conditions. Because we believe in the value that all people, regardless of phycological or physical condition can bring. Through the years we have that in the melting pot with different types and kinds of people yield great results.

Another core thing that separates us from other businesses that are at the same level of size as us is that we provide free of charge inspiration for your creative activities. We have a still growing and expansive catalogue of ideas that will help or teach you to transform products, from trendy home design to Christmas decorations to jewelry. We usually say there a something for everyone at all ages. Every idea has a guide with pictures and texts, that can be printed an unlimited number of times and free of charge. Choose between thousands of ideas that – as well as our products – gets supplied with a running development of ideas from our own creative workshop.

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