Creative techniques - how to?

How to paint with watercolor? How to crochet and knit? And what is decoupage? Don't worry - we'll help you. Here you will be guided easily and safely through some of the most popular creative techniques in various crafts. Then you can soon get started on your next creative project - whether you are a beginner or experienced.

Get started with creative techniques

If you love throwing yourself into various creative craft projects, dive into our creative techniques universe and get a good start. The questions can be many when you want to try your hand at a new creative activity. How do you actually paint with watercolor, and how is it that you tie that very specific macramé knot? Our creative techniques can give you answers to that and much more.

Some of the creative techniques you learn via video, while other techniques are supported with step-by-step instructions with text and pictures


Learn to knit with different knitting techniques

If you want to learn how to knit, you may already know that there are several different knitting techniques. Our knitting colleagues have therefore made a series of videos with knitting techniques for you who want to learn to knit from scratch - or for you who just need to refresh some of the techniques.

Here you will find a number of basic techniques for beginners – e.g., how to cast on knitting Stitches, how to knit garter stitches, how to knit purl stitches and more. In addition, you will also find videos with knitting techniques for the advanced - eg Brioche Stitch, fair isle knitting, how to knit with beads and more.


Learn to crochet with different crochet techniques

Another very popular activity in creative crafts is crochet. That is why our crochet experts have also made several videos with different crochet techniques for you who want to learn to crochet.

Learn to crochet different types of stitches – e.g., double crochet, chain stitches, basic treble stitches, etc., just as you can also learn to crochet Basic Tunisian crochet stitches and how to crochet a magic ring.


Learn a lot of different creative techniques

Of course, it is not only in knitting and crochet that there are various creative techniques - lots of other craft activities are also filled with exciting, creative techniques. Fortunately, we at Creativ Company have a wide range of creative experts who are happy to share their knowledge and help you get started - whether you are a beginner or experienced.

You can therefore also learn creative techniques within e.g., decoration of cardboard, glass, etc., just as you will also find a review of various watercolor techniques and techniques for textile decoration. If you love making your own jewellery, you can also learn different techniques in jewelry making. Learn, for example, how to tie jewellery around pearls, how to embroide a bracelet with pearls and other exciting jewellery techniques.

With the various creative techniques, we will help you get started with your creative adventure.

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