Treasure chest


Treasure chest

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Cute wood treasure chest with curved lid and metal clasp that you can colour and decorate any way you like.

The wood box is practical for storing all kinds of things, and you can easily make it both personal and creative. If you choose to colour the chest, you can cover the lock with masking tape. Also remember to keep the lid open while the paint dries so that it doesn't stick together while drying..

In the wood crate, you will find hours of creative entertainment, whether you yourself are responsible for the decorating or your get help from the children’s small, curious hands:.

  • Paint the box with feminine floral motifs or cute, round dots and make it a decorative jewellery box for your necklaces, earrings and bracelets
  • Decorate it with an electric burner for a more raw look
  • Turn the box into a treasure chest and fill it up with gold coins. Hide it in the sandpit or under the couch and see which of the little pirates will find the treasure first!
  • Write your name on with Pearl Clay® and let the wood box be the perfect hiding place for little secrets, fun travel finds or sweet memories

The little box might be just what you need – a jewellery box, a treasure chest or a storage place for small items. The small chest also has a raw wood look that makes it fit perfectly into a Scandinavian home. But the box can also easily become a fun part of children’s play as soon as they have finished painting, drawing and decorating it. No matter how you choose to use the box, you are guaranteed a lot of creativity that stimulates your brain in the right way

More Information
Item number574940
Retail quantity 1 pc
Content quantity 1 pc
size 11,5x5,8x5,8 cm
Wood species paulownia
inner size 10x4,3x3,6 cm
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