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Creative DIY kits

Here you can find the perfect creative gifts for any occasion in the form of a creative DIY kit. When you give a lucky recipient a DIY kit filled with creative products, you are giving more than just a gift. With such a gift you also give a creative experience that can be relaxing and sets the imagination free.

Creative DIY kits
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  1. Craft Box Set, assorted colours, 1 pc
    In stock the 2022-06-22
    Craft Box Set
    Assorted colours, 1 pc
    Contents: Cardboard, cardboard mosaic, markers, glue, scissors, elastic cord, letter beads, beads, pegboards, pompoms, chenille, puzzles to draw on and rhinestones, googly eyes and EVA foam shapes, all self-adhesive and inspiration sheet.

    A multitude of different creative materials for craft projects. stored in a plastic box with metal clasps and with a convenient handle on the lid,
  2. Funny Friends, angel, 1 set
    Out of stock
    Funny Friends
    Angel, 1 set
    Contents: Silk Clay, polystyrene ball, chenille, yarn and pompon tool .

    Material kit for an angel figure with yarn pompom body, arms and legs of chenille and head of Silk Clay®
  3. Kit for bauble with inner decoration, 1 pc
    Out of stock
    Kit for bauble with inner decoration
    1 pc
    Set with 1 clear plastic suspension hoop. Includes different materials to make a small Christmas scene inside the ball
  4. Aliens' universe, 1 set
    Out of stock
    Aliens' universe
    1 set
    Contents: Pearl Clay®, Silk Clay® and metallic Foam Clay® in several colors. In addition, styrofoam balls, moss-rubber figures, eyes of plastic, pompons, needles, suspension and suspension strings and glue. Preprinted background.

    Space-themed material sets make it easier to learn and explore the universe and its fun aliens. Includes creative materials for modelling themed characters with Pearl Clay, Silk Clay® and Foam Clay®.

    You'll never get bored with a vivid imagination. One moment you’re on Earth, and the next you’re looking for life on Mars. Our genuine space-themed material sets make it easy for people of all ages to go on a space trip out in the galaxy. Perhaps you'll find new unexplored planets and meet fun little aliens flying around in a UFO – get creative and see what happens.

    Children of all ages can enjoy modelling – either by closely following the enclosed instructions or by following their own imagination. No matter what, the set is sure to inspire fun and learning:.

    • For example, use the kit to create an educational experience around our large solar system and talk about planets, stars and aliens
    • Display the finished figures in the accompanying box and place it in the child’s room where the child can always see his/her creative project
    • Let the figures be part of the children’s play so their curiosity for space can grow even more

    Kids love to make models With our material sets, they can create with their hands while learning about our large solar system – from its planets to its millions of stars. But it can be hard to be a space traveller, because learning takes place at rocket speed, and the child’s direct contact with the materials strengthens fine motor skills and tactile sense. Fortunately, you have plenty of time to go on dangerous expeditions to faraway galaxies. This gigantic universe has much more to offer – and all of it can be explored with our fun material sets!

Items 1-36 of 268

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