Become a wholesaler!

Thank you for your interest in our products. We have room for everyone. However, as needs and conditions are individual, every business agreement is negotiated individually. 


No matter the size of your business, you are offered these advantages:

  • A broad and popular range of products appealing to a wide variety of customers, in your business.

  • Choose between more than 12,000 different products, some of which can be found in retail adapt assortments with a good profitability for you.

  • You can usually maintain good stock levels with replenished ordered delivered when you need them

  • You can freely make use of our bank of inspirational ideas, each with an easy step-by-step guide in a printable brochure which can be used for sale or as a gift in your business.

  • You can use us as your professional partner in advising you in everything from the layout of your business to increasing your sales.

  • You will continuously receive information, news and seasonal products ideas that can boost your sales. 

Get in touch and let us discuss your opportunities.

Call us at 01793 616 068 or write to

We look forward to hearing from you!​

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