Mini Craft Kit


Mini Craft Kit

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Contents: Pipe cleaners, pom-poms, cotton string, metal clips, EVA foam self-adhesive circles, self-adhesive wiggly eyes, plastic beads and glitter glue. Pattern sheet on the inside of the packaging..

Materials kit for making a bouncing bee with moving wings. Cut up the packaging to make the bee's wings. Add your own empty toilet roll. Instructions included.

In addition to the materials in the kit, you'll also need an empty toilet paper roll, a hole puncher and a pair of scissors. Start by twisting the chenille stems (coloured pipe cleaners) around the toilet roll to form the stripes of the bee. Make two holes just above the bee's stripes and another at the top – if you need to, ask an adult to help you. Now, cut out the wings illustrated on the inside of the packaging and fold them in half. To make the bee flap its wings, place a piece of string in between each wing so that they are in line with each other. Make holes with a hole puncher or scissors and attach the wings using the cord, beads and paper fasteners supplied. Finally, decorate the bee with glitter glue, self-adhesive wiggly eyes and EVA foam circles. Make the bee's antennae out of a piece of pipe cleaner, pom-poms and EVA foam circles..

The idea behind this kit/material set is to inspire children to 'get creative with recycling' and reuse empty packaging, both from their home (such as toilet rolls, milk cartons, egg boxes etc.) and the set's own packaging, and use their creativity and imaginations to transform the 'waste' into fun figures. Through the creative process and subsequent play, this kit provides the perfect opportunity to talk and learn about how we can recycle. The children learn that by being creative and using your imagination, you can transform ordinary household waste and basic crafting materials into new things, including fantastic figures, toys and so on. This inspires children to see things in new ways and continue to reuse other items creatively rather than throwing them away.

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