Watercolour Discover kit


Watercolour Discover kit

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Learn how to paint with watercolours with this training kit, which contains everything you need to get started. Scan the QR code and be guided safely through the training, where you can learn a variety of watercolour techniques. What's more, you'll have a beautiful watercolour painting at the end

The high pigment watercolour paints come in a metal box. These top quality watercolour paints have impressive colour properties and excellent lightfastness. They're easy to work with and suitable for both colour-intense and graded wash painting. The watercolour paper comes in an A5 block containing 20 sheets of 200g hot-pressed paper with fine structure. The watercolour paint brush has fine nylon bristles and a hollow plastic handle for storing water. Refills and dispenses water easily with light pressure on the handle. The flat fan brush has nylon bristles. Ideal for blending colours and creating effects like grass and hair. With their soft bristles, these two pony hair brushes are particularly well-suited to watercolour painting. One small flat brush and one large round one for bigger surfaces. The small brush with nylon bristles is ideal for adding smaller details.

The QR code on the product links to a detailed video guide that introduces exciting techniques and step-by-step instructions. Perfect for beginners or as a creative gift. Clean the brushes with water and allow them to air dry while lying or standing so that the hairs do not bend.

Contents: Art Aqua watercolour paints half pan in 12 colours, watercolour block with 20 pages plus paint brushes.

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